Chiang Mai Utility Costs

If you are looking for a rent house in Chiang Mai, you will also need to consider utility costs as you think about your budget. All of the costs given here are approximate estimates and will fluctuate based on usage, utility pricing, and other factors.


The cost of tap water in Chiang Mai is relatively low. The average monthly bill for a family typically runs between 300-500฿. The cost for a single person would be much less. Generally this bill is left in the mailbox and can be paid at 7-eleven or the Provincial Waterworks Office.

Drinking water is purchased separately. People living in Chiang Mai short-term tend to buy from 7-Eleven or local convenience stores. However, longer-term expats tend to buy their water from a local delivery service. This cost is also relatively inexpensive at about 25฿ for a 20 liter bottle, or you can buy smaller 1.5 liter bottles in crates.


Electricity costs are generally the most expensive utility you will need to plan for in your budget. The main driver of electricity usage is air conditioning. Some foreigners choose to run their ACs almost year round while others choose to use it only when it becomes too hot to sleep at night without it. If you rent a newer home with more efficient ACs you should expect to pay somewhere between 3,000-5,000฿ during hot season. However, if you live an older home with less efficient ACs you could expect to pay upwards of 8,000+฿. The main driver is the efficiency of your AC units and how often you use them.  Electric bills are typically left in the mailbox and can be paid at 7-eleven or the Provincial Electricity Authority.


Internet in Thailand is readily available and relatively affordable. There are many internet service providers competing, which in turn drives down the prices while the technology continues to speed up. On the low-end, you can find VDSL packages starting at around 650฿ per month which will provide around 30Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload. If you are a heavy internet user, on the high-end you can find fiberoptic packages with speeds of up to 200 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload. Expat Homes works with many of the local providers and can help with installation and setup services. Feel free to contact us. Usually this bill can be payed in a variety of ways such as at the ISP’s local kiosk, convenience stores, banks, and mobile banking apps just to name a few.

Neighborhood Fees

Most neighborhoods in Chiang Mai charge a monthly fee to cover things like security guards, trash pickup, street cleaning, street lights, and other maintenance. This fee can run between 200-1,500฿ per month depending included amenities such as neighborhood pool, park, and fitness center. This bill is usually paid at the neighborhood office and can be paid several months at a time.