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What We Do

Expat Homes aims to be the preferred choice in Chiang Mai for home rental and relocation services. We specialize in placing foreign renters in Thai-owned homes by assisting in the home finding process. Whether moving from another country or simply changing houses, Expat Homes strives to give our customers the best relocation experience possible, free of charge to the renter.

Renter Services

Find a home by filling out our house finding survey. We will personally comb our listings to find the perfect match, at no extra cost to you.

Why Rent Through Us?


Our staff is a blend of native English speakers and native Thai speakers. We provide English speaking renters with an English speaking representative and Thai speaking owners with a Thai speaking representative. This prevents the leasing process from getting lost in translation.


Our Western staff understands the expectations and preferences of Western renters, while our Thai staff understands how to locate properties and broker deals in culturally appropriate ways.

No Extra Cost

In most cases, our house finding service is free of charge to the Renter. Our commission comes from the Homeowner, who forwards us the first month’s rent.


We specialize in home rentals for foreign singles, couples, and families. Whether you’re working overseas, vacationing in Thailand, or looking to retire, we can help.


Expat Homes knows the ins and outs of the Chiang Mai rental market. We can find a home best suited to the unique needs of foreign singles, couples, and families. Whether you’re working overseas, vacationing in Thailand, or looking to retire, we can help.

What Our Renters Say

“My roommates and I were so grateful to have Expat Homes’ help as we searched around Chiang Mai for housing! Finding a house to become a home in your own country is a challenging task, but doing so in a foreign country when you don’t know the language can be overwhelmingly daunting. Expat Homes listened to what we wanted and worked hard to find places that suited our needs (something we simply didn’t have time for with our work schedules). We were pretty picky about what we wanted, but they patiently took us from house to house as we waited to find the right one. Our interactions with Expat Homes were personable yet professional, and we trusted them to be honest with us about each possibility. We couldn’t be happier with our house and know that we would never have found it on our own!”


“Expat Homes has done a fabulous job for us. It has been such a blessing to have them helping all of us at Grace International School. They have helped more than 20 new staff find housing. They have been very professional, quick and thorough. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They are quick to respond to email and they know how to find what you are looking for.”


“Expat Homes really helped us a lot! They answered a barrage of questions and replied to our numerous emails speedily. They took our preferences and presented us with many different homes in the neighborhood we wanted. They were very patient as we scoured over each home and always seemed eager to help us find exactly what we were looking for.

After making our decision, they were also quick to take care of all the details. Expat Homes arranged all the needed documents so that everything was in order when we arrived in Chiang Mai. Because of their work beforehand, all we had to do was sign the lease and get handed the keys! It was such an effortless and assuring experience for our family.”

Cecila & Tracey
Cecila & TraceyRenter

“Expat Homes worked very hard to find us the right place in the right location. They took the time to really listen and learn exactly what our specific needs were and worked to find a site that would meet our needs. They were extremely patient and went to great lengths to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the landlord. In the end, all sides were very satisfied with the deal! We would highly recommend the services they provide!”


“After moving to Chiang Mai, several of our friends referred us to Expat Homes. We filled out a brief online questionnaire and by the next day, Expat Homes gave us options to view online. We also didn’t have a car, so Expat Homes drove us to the house showings. We really appreciate their experience with different landlords and their cultural insight in Thai negotiations and expectations.”

The Wong Family
The Wong FamilyRenter

“I have really found Expat Homes’ services outstanding. Their follow-up after the contracts are signed is great. I look forward to their services expanding in the future. Our foundation has many families like ours moving in and out of Chiang Mai every year and will definitely use them again.”


“Our experience with Expat Homes was incredible. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable. Our transition to another home in Chiang Mai went extremely smooth because of the service Expat Homes provided. They were able to negotiate a great deal on our house, while also helping us establish a good relationship with our landlord. They weren’t merely trying to help us find a house to rent, but were helping us find a place that best fit the needs of our family and that we could call ‘home’. We would recommend Expat Homes to anyone and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!”

Mike & Nicole
Mike & NicoleRenter

“Expat Homes helped us to get into our office for our NGO and was able to negotiate a significant discount in rent. The place is perfect and exactly what we’re looking for. They also took care of all the legal documents that we needed for our foundation. I would highly recommend Expat Homes’ services as you look for your own place.”


“We have really enjoyed working Expat Homes! Their language proficiency and ability to negotiate with landlords was something that really stuck out to us. They were always on top of communication with us. We felt like we had the ability to contact them at any time, they got back right to us, and were always very professional. Expat Homes’ help in getting us a house before we arrived took so much stress off our move and we love our place. We couldn’t be more happy to recommend them!”

The Hanovers
The HanoversRenter